Use All the Office Technology You Need Without Buying It

Rent any office technology you need for a day, week, month or for as long as you need it

You’ve planned a proof-of-concept or software test but you don’t want to impact your production environment.

You need a notebook for demo purposes during a trade show and your own equipment is not suitable or too valuable.

You want to set up a training session without having to move all your IT equipment from your offices to the training room.

CompuTrade renting service offers a complete range of IT systems (e.g. PCs, notebooks, servers, storage) at very attractive prices for just one
day, a week, a month or more. You’ll get the latest technology and fast delivery.


A Real Time Saver

Our customers love our Multimedia Mobile, which integrates complete audio and video solution plug and play wheel cart setup in a way that can be used for most of your multimedia needs.

A setup like this would usually require multiple components and a time consuming installation.

Yours to rent with a simple call!

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    Most office technology companies offer one or two lines of office products. CompuTrade handles the 16 best-selling office technology brands.