About Us

CompuTrade was launched in 2007, as a response to increasing demand for pre-owned IT equipment on the local (Luxembourg) market.

We started out as a company specialising in the purchase and resale of new or second-hand Office IT hardware. Our worldwide network of suppliers (including HP, Compaq, IBM, Cisco, and more) allows us to deliver products at competitive prices within a few days.

Over the years, we added more competences and services to our portfolio which today we like to refer to as the 7-Rs Renew, Refurbish, Recycle, Repair, Rent, Rollout & Relocate.

The business concept of CompuTrade is to re-use the existing technology and to extend lifetime of IT technology. Our recycling activities contribute to a healthier environment, preserving the value of the included materials.

We are based in Luxembourg and we operate on the local market, as well as across Europe and Worldwide. We keep large stocks for same day or next day dispatch. We deliver all products from our own warehouse which allows us to ensure the quality of our supplies.

Our staff ensures efficient delivery of office technology to our customers. Our team members bring extensive experience and market knowledge, ensuring reliable advice and competitive prices.

Our clients rely on us to customize their IT setups based on their real-world requirements, avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Budget-Friendly Option: If you’re working with a lean budget, we offer excellent-quality refurbished technology.
  • Enterprise Solutions: For large clients with substantial requests, we can easily handle large quantities.
  • Local IT Setup Assistance: Need to set up your IT environment locally but lack an in-house technician? We’ll come to you and handle the setup.
  • Flexible Scaling: Whether you need to scale up quickly or temporarily, we can rent you all the equipment you require.
  • Specific Part Procurement: Brokers seeking specific hardware parts can rely on us—we’ll get the part without requiring you to purchase a complete hardware kit

While we recognize that achieving 100% customer satisfaction is impossible, we strive to provide our services to your full satisfaction! Our customer base includes major banks, governmental authorities and leading industries, as well as small businesses and IT resellers.

We support non-profit organizations and schools through donations of refurbished IT equipment.

Few Mentions

SuperDrecksKëscht Certificat

We’ve been honored with a quality label that recognizes our commitment to sustainable resource management.

"Casa Ferrero" Rollout

We relocated and installed their IT equipment from their previous buildings to their newly established headquarters: Casa Ferrero in Senningerberg, Niederanven.


SuperDrecksKëscht Diplom

We were awarded a diploma for 10 years of ecological waste management.

Creos/Enovos Rollout

We assisted in transporting and setting up office equipment from multiple old locations to their new site. We ensured each of the over 1000 users found their expected equipment properly set up and ready to use at their new desk.

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