When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Old Office Tech

Recycle your old office equipment in an environmentally friendly way and according all requirements

Not all used IT equipment can be refurbished and given a second life. Some products need to be scrapped because they are broken or just because they belong to a previous generation and are no longer suitable for nowadays prerequisites.

Considering the environmental impact and following recent legislative measures taken by the EU and local governments, the owner of such equipment should be aware of:

  • electronic scrap handling in accordance with WEEE recycling legislation
  • destruction of sensitive/confidential data on hard disks, tapes, DVDs …

CompuTrade offers a large portfolio of services around IT recycling, data destruction and disposal of electronic waste.


We will collect the systems and hardware from you, then record the different waste streams and assure all tech is processed correctly by our recycling partners following all regulations and in environmentally friendly way.

Any residual data on your devices is erased using industry-standard tools like YouWipe, in a manner compliant with local government / NATO and US DOD standards. We will also provide you with all necessary reports and certificates for the wipe-out.

If your data is sensitive and your office tech cannot be removed from your site without removing the data first, we then offer an award-winning on-site data destruction service, using a mobile hard disk crusher. As part of this service, we provide full serial number reports and certificates of destruction.

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