CompuTrade is a Leading Provider of Office Technology

CompuTrade specialises in dealing with office technology products like computers, printers, servers, storage systems, parts, etc.

We help our clients renew, refurbish and recycle their office technology.

We provide full repair services for a wide range of IT technologies. We also rent and help with rollout and relocation of office technology.

About Us

CompuTrade was launched in 2007, as a response to increasing demand for pre-owned IT equipment on the local (Luxembourg) market.

We started out as a company specialising in the purchase and resale of new or good quality second-hand Office IT hardware. Our worldwide network of suppliers (including HP, Compaq, IBM, Cisco, and more) allows us to deliver products at competitive prices within just a few days.

Over the years, we added more and more competencies and services to our portfolio which today we like to refer to as the 7-Rs — Renew, Refurbish, Recycle, Repair, Rent, Rollout & Relocate.

The business concept of CompuTrade is to re-use the existing technology and to extend lifetime of IT technology. Our recycling activities contribute to a healthier environment, preserving the value of the included materials.

We are based in Luxembourg and we operate on the local market, as well as across Europe. We keep large stocks for same day or next day dispatch. We deliver all products from our own warehouse which allows us to ensure the quality of our supplies.

Our friendly staff take time to ensure our customers receive the office tech they need quickly and efficiently. All our team members have many years of experience and have a sound knowledge of the market which means you are guaranteed the right kind of advice, the very best prices and a reliable service.

Our clients come to us because we always tailor the Office IT setup to their real-world needs. We never provide one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • If you are on a lean budget, we can offer you an excellent quality refurbished technology
  • If you are a large client with a big request, we can easily handle large quantities
  • If you need to setup your IT environment locally, but don’t have an IT technician in-house, we come to you and set it up for you
  • If you need to scale up quickly or temporarily, we can rent you all the equipment you need
  • If you are a broker and you need just a specific part, we can get it for you without you having to buy complete hardware kit

We solve all your Office IT needs!

At CompuTrade, we’re committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while keeping your costs at an acceptable level. Our customer base includes major banks, governmental authorities and leading industries, as well as small businesses and IT resellers.

We support non-profit organizations and schools through donations of refurbished IT equipment.

The 7-Rs of CompuTrade


Get new products for your office with our HP Renew Program and enjoy the quality and reliability of the best selling office IT brand for a fraction of the cost.

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If you are on a lean budget then take advantage of our Refurbished Products Program and get high quality fully warranted IT equipment at much lower cost.

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We help you recycle your old office equipment securely, in an environmentally friendly way, and according all requirements and regulations.

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Take advantage of our Office IT Repair Service that is available around the clock to help take the pain away from dealing with office tech repairs.

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Rent any office technology for a day, week, month, or for as long as you need it and be sure to check out our Multimedia Mobile Cart.

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Rollout & Relocate

If you are in need of any logistics support for relocating, packing, unpacking, installing or rolling out of your office IT then we can help.

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Our Staff

We are a friendly and flexible company. We have a team with many years of experience who can always offer advice.


Our Partners

We work with a network of well-recognized partners and experts to ensure that all our services are at a stellar level.


Our Clients

Our customers are spread over all Europe and include major banks, governmental authorities and leading industries, as well as small businesses and IT resellers.



FIVE times the selection, FOUR times the services, THREE times the attention, TWO times the warranty,

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